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About Magic for Fun

About Silks and his family of Clowns


Silks, born in Denver, Colorado, began learning magic in 1956 and was a member of the Denver Mile-Hi Magicians Society.

After moving to San Antonio, Texas in 1979 Silks joined the Alzafar Shrine clowns and has participated in the Shrine Circus every year since 1981

Silks and Bubble Gum


Silks (John Viner) and wife, Bubblegum (Rhenae Viner)

Bubblegum and their daughter, Violet (Coriann) joined the team in 2001 and did Face Painting while Silks and son, DunNo (Christopher) made Balloon Sculptures.

Party Information


We do Magic, Balloon Art, and Face Painting. 

It is impossible to do all 3-- Magic, Balloon Art, and Face Painting in one hour due to the number of children.

Usually I will do 20 to 30 minutes of magic followed by either balloon art or face painting. 

It is your party and I will be happy to do any combination you wish.

Birthday Party Planning

Children under 5 years old have short attention spans and usually will not enjoy magic. They will enjoy Balloon Sculpture and Face Painting.

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Do you have questions about what I can do for your event? 

Send me a message, and I will get back to you soon. 

Magic for Fun

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